Stoneyford Library

Avid readers hoard books like a squirrel hoards nuts, but even the most relentless pack rats can run out of space.  Charity shops and half-priced bookshops can be a great way to clean out those bookshelves, but you aren’t going to get back the money you spent.

That’s where book swapping and book exchanges come into the picture.  Instead of selling your book back for a fraction of the cost, you  exchange your book by visiting Stoneyford Library.   Your old book finds a reader, and in return, you get a book to read.

The Library is situated in Stoneyford Community Centre. It is open seven days a week, and is available to everyone, young and old, who wishes to use it. If the centre is open the library is open.

How does it work:

If you need a good read just drop into the library and take what you want.

You do not have to return the book.

If you have a book or books you are finished with you may leave them in the library.

There is no cost involved, there is no need to sign in, all that is required is that you enjoy your read.