Stoneyford Development Association


Co. Kilkenny

October 2020

Dear Friend,

I am contacting you on behalf of the Stoneyford Development Association (SDA) the group who manage Stoneyford Community Centre and associated facilities, to seek your financial assistance. 

The COVID 19 pandemic has placed huge pressures on us all and forced the closure of the centre in early March. This has had a huge impact on our already dwindling finances. For the last six months we have had no income, and this has exacerbated an already difficult situation. 

While we are starting to carefully re-open the centre again our income will fall far short or what is required.

Therefore, we are now seeking your financial assistance.

This is the first time the SDAhas sought to raise financial resources in the community in such a manner.  This is necessary due to the economic circumstances in which we find ourselves, and we believe this fundraiser for our Centre deserves support from everyone.

Our Executive Committee is a representative grouping of ten members from groups and associations around the village. The Committee looks after the Centre, playground, track and field as well as the general upkeep of the village and its environs. The centre provides a home for multiple clubs and associations with up to 500 adults and children using the facilities weekly.

I’m sure you will agree thatwe are very lucky to have such a fantastic facility in our community and the SDAwork tirelessly to keep the doors open and everything in good shape both indoors and outdoors. This work comes at a cost, and even with the generous support of the parish we are just about breaking even.

Loan repayments and insurance cover alone are running close to €2000 every month, not to mention electricity, water charges, maintenance costs etc. One of the main reasons for the recent substantial increase in our running costs is because our Community Employment Scheme, Slua Nua, has had to be wound up. This scheme has provided us with several workers over a long number of years and these workers carried out many jobs including maintaining our sizable grounds, facility maintenance, caretaking, event setup and cleaning. This has had a major impact on the centre not to mention the impact on the village. We no longer have workers to do work like sweep the street, maintain the picnic area or cut the grass on the approach roads. 

Every effort was made to keep the scheme running or amalgamate with other schemes. This included contact with our local public representatives but all to no avail.

To keep the Centre open and running we now must pay privately for the work formerly carried out by our CE workers. This has imposed a considerable financial burden on the association and is not sustainable without raising new funds.

The Development Association also cover the cost of lighting the walking track and litter bin collections in the village. At the present time funds are not available to cover the cost of lighting the walking track, this amenity proved invaluable to many throughout the Covid pandemic, offering an outlet to safely exercise locally. With winter evenings imminent this is a community resource that we would hope to continue with your financial assistance.

How can you contribute?

You can make payments to Stoneyford Development Association in several ways.

Please use referenceSDAFUNDfollowed by yourmobile numberso we can track and acknowledge your donation. 

  • ·      Stoneyford Development Association Facebook page
  • ·      QR Code (See Scan Me to Donate below)
  • ·      Make a once off donation by cheque/cash to any member of the committee using the enclosed envelope. Please include your details (cut-out available on flier) so that we can acknowledge your donation. Envelopes can also be dropped in the local shop.
  • ·      By EFT bank transfer. 
  • ·      Set up a standing order to make a weekly, monthly or annual subscription. Use reference as above.

I would ask you to give our letter serious consideration and we would greatly appreciate any support you can give to us.

Our bank details are 

Stoneyford Development Association: AIB, High Street, Kilkenny.

BIC: AIBKIE2D       IBAN: IE36AIBK93319844962043

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,

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Joe Whyte


Stoneyford Development Association


Mobile: 087 2556722

Stoneyford Development Association Committee

Joseph Whyte (Chairperson); Fred Malzard (Treasurer); Regina Moran (Secretary); Fiona Beynon, Bernadette Grace, Paul Hickey, Patrick Ganly, Paschal Long, John Raggett, Kieran Walsh