Stoneyford Community Track and Field Proposal

Community Consultation

To discuss proposal to resurface the Stoneyford Community Pitch with AstroTurf

March 2023

Dear Friends,

Stoneyford Development Association (SDA), the group who manage Stoneyford Community Centre and associated facilities have been approached by Stoneyford United Football Club (SUFC) with a proposal which would see the current community field replaced with an AstroTurf (Artificial Grass) facility.

A decision of this magnitude however needs to be discussed fully by our community as this proposed development would see a major change to the facility and its environs.  As the area concerned is presently a community facility, the SDA committee feel that this proposal should not be decided on by the committee alone but that there should be a full community consultation process.

We would like therefore to invite you to a Community Engagement Night in Stoneyford Community Centre Shortly where there will be a presentation by the SUFC and where everybody will have an opportunity to have their say.

In order that people have some preliminary information regarding the proposal we are attaching an information sheet compiled from information received from SUFC, and based on questions people in the community are asking.

We would like to stress that at the moment this is just a proposal and no decisions on any aspect of the proposal have been decided.  There will be plenty of time for questions and answers on the night.  

If you would find out more and see the full Soccer Club presentation please go to SUFC PRESENTATION Alternatively you can email

We look forward to seeing you there.

Your community – Your choice.

On Behalf of Stoneyford Development Association

Joseph Whyte,


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