Aghaviller Parish Newsletter

Hugginstown, Newmarket and Stoneyford.

 “Feast of the Most Holy Trinity”.

Corpus Christi

11th. and 12th. June 2022.

Priests Living within the Parish:

Liam Cassin (Parish Priest)    Telephone:      056 776 8693    or      Mobile 087 231 2354

Peter Hoyne (Retired)                        Telephone:      056 776 8678    or      Mobile 086 373 8492

Mass Times in Aghaviller Parish:

Monday 13th.  to Sunday 19th. June 2022.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday  at 9.30a.m.

  • Vigil  –   Saturday 18th. at 8.00p.m.
  • Sunday 19th. @ 10.00a.m.


  • Wednesday 15th. at 7.00p.m. 
  • Vigil  –  Saturday 18th. at 6.30p.m.

Monday 13th.    Feast of St Anthony of Padua:

Sunday 19th.     Feast of Corpus Christi, 

Eucharistic Procession will take place around the Church Grounds,

Hugginstown after the 10.00a.m. Mass; (weather permitting).  Invitation for all to take part.

Pray For:       

Anniversary Masses:

Patricia Neville, Norelands;   Mass in Stoneyford Church on Saturday 11th. June at 6.30p.m.

Michael Brennan, Keatingstown;  Mass in Hugginstown Church on Saturday 11th. June at 8.00p.m.

Anniversary Masses next weekend:

Maura Roche, Lawcus;  Mass in Stoneyford Church on Saturday 18th. June at 6.30p.m.

Mary and Stephen Kelly, Castlemorris;    Mass in Hugginstown Church on Sunday 19th. June at 10.00a.m.

Rota for next week-end:

18th. and 19th. June 2022     Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)


Stoneyford:     Saturday 6.30p.m. Tony Roche.


Saturday 8.00p.m. Deirdre Rohan.        Sunday 10.00a.m. Mary Carroll.

Eucharistic Ministers:         

Stoneyford:      Saturday 6.30p.m. Bernie Grace.         

Hugginstown:   Saturday 8.00p.m. Mary Cahill.  Sunday 10.00a.m. Ruth Crowley.

Cemetery Masses :

Mass will be celebrated in Kilkeasy Cemetery on Friday 24th. June at 8.00p.m.

Mass will be celebrated in Stoneyford Cemetery on Friday 8th. July at 8.00p.m.  (Note date change)

Mass will be celebrated in Hugginstown Cemetery on Saturday 9th. July at 8.00p.m.  (Note date change)

Aghaviller Parish Finance Committee

Meeting of the Parish Finance Committee will be held in the Parish House, Hugginstown on Wednesday 15th. June at 8.00p.m.  All members please attend if possible.

Trail Walk:


Carrickshock G.A.A.:

Parish Contributions:   

The “Church Door” Contributions on last weekend amounted to €490.00.  Thank You.                                                                      

June Collection:

The “June Collection 2022” for the support of the priests of the Parish and the Diocese will be taken up during the months of June/July.  Envelopes for this collection are available at the back of the Church.

Kilkenny Bereavement Support:

Thisis a voluntary organisationofferinga free listening service to the bereaved since 1989.  Their work has greatly increased since the lifting of Covid Restrictions with the result that they now need to train a new group of volunteers.

A training skills programme will be offered in September/October.  For an application form or to know more about their work, please phone 056 775 6538 or visit


If you wish to receive the weekly Newsletter by email, please drop your email address to

The Newsletter is also available on the Stoneyford Website every weekend. ( News.

All notices for the Newsletter to be left in by Thursdays at 5.00p.m. please.

Contact: Telephone: 056 776 8693 or email:

“Feast of The Most Holy Trinity”.   –   12th. June 2022.

First Reading:

A Reading from the Book of Proverbs:

The Wisdom of God cries aloud: 

The Lord created me when his purpose first unfolded, before the oldest of his works. 

From everlasting I was firmly set, from the beginning, before earth came into being.

The deep was not, when I was born, there were no springs to gush with water.

Before the mountains were settled, before the hills, I came to birth;

before he made the earth, the countryside, or the first grains of the world’s dust.

When he fixed the heavens firm, I was there, when he drew a ring on the surface of the deep,

when he thickened the clouds above, when he fixed fast the springs of the deep,

when he assigned the sea its boundaries  – and the waters will not invade the shore –

when he laid down the foundations of the earth,

I was by his side, a master craftsman, delighting him day after day, ever at play in his presence,

at play everywhere in his world, delighting to be with the sons of men.                  

The Word of the Lord.

Responsorial Psalm:  

Response:      How great is your name, O Lord our God, through all the earth!

When I see the heavens, the work of your hands, the moon and the stars which you arranged,

what is man that you should keep him in mind, mortal man that you care for him?                         R.

Yet you have made him little less than a god; with glory and honour you crowned him,

gave him power over the works of your hand,  put all things under his feet.                                                R.

All of them, sheep and cattle, yes, even the savage beasts,

birds of the air, and fish that make their way through the waters.                                                     R.

Second Reading:

A Reading from the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans:

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, by faith we are judged righteous and at peace with God, since it is by faith and through Jesus that we have entered this state of grace in which we can boast about looking forward to God’s glory. But that is not all we can boast about; we can boast about our sufferings. These sufferings bring patience, as we know, and patience brings perseverance, and perseverance brings hope, and this hope is not deceptive, because the love of God has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit which has been given us.

The Word of the Lord.

Gospel Acclamation:

Alleluia, alleluia!

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit; the God who is, who was, and who is to come.



A Reading from the Holy Gospel according to John:

Jesus said to his disciples:

‘I still have many things to say to you but they would be too much for you now.

But when the Spirit of truth comes he will lead you to the complete truth,

since he will not be speaking as from himself but will say only what he has learnt;

and he will tell you of the things to come.

He will glorify me, since all he tells you will be taken from what is mine.

Everything the Father has is mine; that is why I said: ‘All he tells you will be taken from what is mine.

The Gospel of the Lord.

Eucharistic Day of Adoration;

Eucharistic Day of Adoration will take place at Knock Shrine on next Saturday 18th. June.  Bus will leave Woodie’s Car Park, Kilkenny at 8.15a.m.  Contact 086 166 6547 for Bookings and further information.

Ossory Synodal Journey:

Following the Synodal meetings throughout the Diocese during Lent, a synthesis has been prepared to capture our responses.  This synthesis was published on the Ossory website in these past days and is available in hard copy in our churches this weekend. It reflects all that was said at the synodal meetings. This is the first step on the journey on which Pope Francis has asked us to walk. It is good that we can see together all the voices that make our parishes. 

“An Irish Pilgrimage Guide to the Holy Land”

This new book by Michael Kelly, Editor of The Irish Catholic newspaper which explores the places associated with the life of Christ. Michael, who has led many pilgrimages to the Holy Land, says he hopes the book can also act as an ‘armchair retreat’ for people who cannot travel to the Holy Land bringing the Gospel to life for them. It is available now from all good bookshops, or by calling 01 687 4096.

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