SARG ag Spaisteoireacht

River Walk

14 Feabhra 2022

Monday the 14th February 2022 marked the inaugural walk for SARG members. It was decided by the members to undertake the Nore/Woodstock walk as a trial. If this walk proved to be successful more walks of a similar type would be undertaken. The weather was very kind for our first walking venture as the group gathered in Inistioge village square. Full of the joys of life the group headed off on the river walk, this was a first for most of the group and all were pleasantly surprised and thrilled at the beautiful surroundings in which they found themselves.

We came across the old Ice House on the way and though ice houses were quite a common thing on big estates the Inistioge ice house had some features unique to itself.

Ice House

The Nore was in full flood and one could not but marvel at the power of nature.

Having come to the end of the river walk we proceeded on to Woodstock Gardens. Spring had not yet sprung but the layout of the gardens was a marvel and the potential for shrub and flower displays later on in the year was inviting us to return for another visit or two as the seasons transform the landscape with subtle changes.

Unfortunately Inistioge was not able to offer any hospitality so having concluded the walk we went home tired, hungry but happy.

On Tuesday we had our annual dinner. Ormond Hotel hosted the event. The atmosphere was convivial, the company was excellent and the repast was one to be savoured. The informal chat afterwards added to the enjoyment of the occasion.

On Wednesday SARG members undertook a new venture. Having assembled all the equipment required for Short Mat Bowls, SARG members took part in what is a new sport for them. There was a great turnout for the session and all who took part had fun and look forward to the next game. It is planned to play Short Mat Bowls in Stoneyford Community Hall every Wednesday morning, for the foreseeable future, all are welcome. Later that night members participated in their regular fitness classes and this reinforced the feeling of wellbeing carried over from the Bowls and from Monday’s walk.

On Thursday SARG members met at K-Bowl for a ten pin bowling session. This is a regular session undertaken by SARG every second week.

SARG had a very busy, active and enjoyable week. Weather permitting another walk is planned for Monday 21/02/22.

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3 Responses

  1. Miriam Dowling says:

    Thank you very much Conor for the lovely photos. Enjoyed our walk very much. You have made it very informative.

  2. Jackie says:

    Excellent article. All activities are enjoyed by members of S.A.R.G. New people are more than welcome to join any or all outings and activities.

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