Aghaviller Parish Newsletter

Hugginstown, Newmarket and Stoneyford.

Sts. Peter and Paul.(Basilica)

26th. and 27th. June 2021.    

     “The Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time”

Priests Living within the Parish:

  • Liam Cassin (Parish Priest) Telephone:     056 776 8693    or     Mobile 087 231 2354
  • Peter Hoyne (Retired)          Telephone:     056 776 8678    or     Mobile 086 373 8492

Mass Times in Aghaviller Parish:   

Monday 28th. June to Sunday 4th. July 2021.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9.30a.m. (Friday in Calvary Cemetery)

Vigil  –  Saturday 3rd. at 8.00p.m.              

Sunday 4th.  at 10.00a.m.  


Wednesday and Friday at 7.00p.m.               

Vigil   –  Saturday 4th.  at 6.30p.m. 

  • Monday 28th.      Feast of St. Irenaeus;                                      
  • Tuesday 29th.   Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul (Apostles): 
  • Wednesday 30th. Feast of the First Martyrs of Rome;                 
  • Thursday 1st.   Feast of St. Oliver Plunkett.
  • Saturday 3rd.       Feast of St. Thomas (Apostle)

Friday 2nd.                   First Friday         

Visitation with Holy Communion will take place as usual on Friday.  Please let us know if you would like to receive Holy Communion in your home for the First Fridays or at any other time. Mass in Calvary Cemetery on Friday at 8.00p.m.

Pray For:         


Christina Ryan, Knockanore.  Mass in Stoneyford Church on Saturday 26th. June at 6.30p.m.

Gerard Ryan,    Kingsriver Community.  Mass in Stoneyford Church on Wednesday 30th. June at 7.00p.m.  

Next Weekend:  

Jim and Kit Doran, Stoneyford.  Mass in Stoneyford Church on Saturday 3rd. at 6.30p.m.

Dick O’Gorman, Hugginstown;   Mass in Hugginstown Church on Saturday 3rd. July at 8.00p.m.


Attendance at Religious Services is limited to 50 People, (including Funerals, Weddings, Baptisms etc.).    

Proper protocols are in place in both Churches for the safety of all. Please use the seats that are marked for seating.  

Holy Communion will be distributed on the hand only. In Hugginstown Church people are invited to come up the centre of the Church and return by the side.  In Stoneyford Church Holy Communion will be distributed upstairs and throughout the Church; No need to leave your seats.  Please let us know before Mass if you are staying outside, as outside speaker can be turned on at the beginning of Mass in both Churches and Holy Communion given.  There will be no Missalettes or the passing of collection bags. A Collection Box will be placed at the Church doors for your contribution.     

Safeguarding Contacts:   

Diocesan Designated Liaison Person:  Mr. Cathal Cullen Tel: 087 100 0232  or  

Aghaviller Parish Representatives are:  Teresa Broderick  and Carmel O’Toole 

Cemetery Masses 2021:

Calvary Cemetery Mass on Friday 2nd. July at 8.00p.m.

Hugginstown Cemetery Mass on Saturday 10th. July at 8.00p.m.

Sheepstown Cemetery Mass on Friday 16th. July at 8.00p.m.

Stoneyford Cemetery Mass on Friday 6th. August at 8.00p.m.


The “Church Door” Contributions on last weekend amounted to €535.00.  Thank You.                                                                      

June Collection:

Many thanks for your very generous support to the “June Collection 2021”. This collection is for the support of the priests of the Parish and the Priests of the Diocese.   



If you wish to receive the weekly Newsletter by email, please drop your email address to

The Newsletter is also available on the Stoneyford Website every weekend. ( News.

All notices for the Newsletter to be left in by Thursdays at 5.00p.m. please.

Contact: Telephone: 056 776 8693 or

The Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time    –    27th. June 2021

First Reading:

A Reading from the Book of Wisdom:

Death was not God’s doing, he takes no pleasure in the extinction of the living. To be – for this he created all; the world’s created things have health in them, in them no fatal poison can be found, and Hades holds no power on earth; for virtue is undying. Yet God did make man imperishable, he made him in the image of his own nature; it was the devil’s envy that brought death into the world, as those who are his partners will discover.

The Word of the Lord.

Responsorial Psalm:   

I will praise you, Lord, you have rescued me.

I will praise you, Lord, you have rescued me and have not let my enemies rejoice over me.

O Lord, you have raised my soul from the dead, restored me to life from those who sink into the grave.   R.

Sing psalms to the Lord, you who love him, give thanks to his holy name.

His anger lasts a moment; his favour all through life. At night there are tears, but joy comes with dawn.  R.

The Lord listened and had pity. The Lord came to my help.

For me you have changed my mourning into dancing: O Lord my God, I will thank you for ever.             R.

Second Reading:

A Reading from St. Paul’s Second Letter to the Corinthians:

You always have the most of everything – of faith, of eloquence, of understanding, of keenness for any cause, and the biggest share of our affection – so we expect you to put the most into this work of mercy too. Remember how generous the Lord Jesus was: he was rich, but he became poor for your sake, to make you rich out of his poverty. This does not mean that to give relief to others you ought to make things difficult for yourselves: it is a question of balancing what happens to be your surplus now against their present need, and one day they may have something to spare that will supply your own need. That is how we strike a balance: as scripture says: The man who gathered much had none too much, the man who gathered little did not go short.

The Word of the Lord.

Gospel Acclamation:

Alleluia, alleluia!

Your words are spirit, Lord, and they are life; you have the message of eternal life.              



A Reading from the Holy Gospel of St. Mark:

When Jesus had crossed in the boat to the other side, a large crowd gathered round him and he stayed by the lakeside. Then one of the synagogue officials came up, Jairus by name, and seeing him, fell at his feet and pleaded with him earnestly, saying, ‘My little daughter is desperately sick. Do come and lay your hands on her to make her better and save her life.’ Jesus went with him and a large crowd followed him; they were pressing all round him.

Now there was a woman who had suffered from a haemorrhage for twelve years; after long and painful treatment under various doctors, she spent all she had without being any the better for it, in fact, she was getting worse. She had heard about Jesus, and she came up behind him through the crowd and touched his cloak. ‘If I can touch even his clothes,’ she had told herself ‘I shall be well again.’ And the source of the bleeding dried up instantly, and she felt in herself that she was cured of her complaint. Immediately aware that power had gone out from him, Jesus turned round in the crowd and said, ‘Who touched my clothes?’ His disciples said to him, ‘You see how the crowd is pressing round you and yet you say, “Who touched me?”’ But he continued to look all round to see who had done it. Then the woman came forward, frightened and trembling because she knew what had happened to her, and she fell at his feet and told him the whole truth. ‘My daughter,’ he said ‘your faith has restored you to health; go in peace and be free from your complaint.’

While he was still speaking some people arrived from the house of the synagogue official to say, ‘Your daughter is dead: why put the Master to any further trouble?’ But Jesus had overheard this remark of theirs and he said to the official, ‘Do not be afraid; only have faith.’ And he allowed no one to go with him except Peter and James and John the brother of James. So they came to the official’s house and Jesus noticed all the commotion, with people weeping and wailing unrestrainedly. He went in and said to them, ‘Why all this commotion and crying? The child is not dead, but asleep.’ But they laughed at him. So he turned them all out and, taking with him the child’s father and mother and his own companions, he went into the place where the child lay. And taking the child by the hand he said to her, ‘Talitha, kum!’ which means, ‘Little girl, I tell you to get up.’ The little girl got up at once and began to walk about, for she was twelve years old. At this they were overcome with astonishment, and he ordered them strictly not to let anyone know about it, and told them to give her something to eat.                                                                       

The Gospel of the Lord.

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