Stoneyford, Ennisnag, Newmarket, Hugginstown

9 Eanáir 2021

Yes folks its been a long time coming !

This was our third application so special thanks to Ronan Ryan in Kilkenny County Council for his help with this years application. The footpath will run from Stoneyford village as far as Andy Brennans house and walkers will then be able to use the back road to Ennisnag. It will be a little longer but a lot safer!!!

Congrats to Joe and his team on the board of SDA for their wonderful achievement. This is a major step forward for the Stoneyford Community and will add to the health and wellbeing of all who use it.

9 Eanáir 2021

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Mo léan, mo léan, what more can be said? After a well attended first session back, it is with a heavy heart  I have to announce that the Fit Club is cancelled until further notice.

Nearly There?

Covid wins again!

Dancing Classes: 

Will resume when possible.


Will resume when possible.

Newmarket/Hugginstown  News


Aghaviller Parish and Carrickshock G. A. A.

The Lotto is now cancelled until further notice:   Your support is always appreciated. 

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