Aghaviller Parish Newsletter

Hugginstown and Stoneyford Churches.

3rd. and 4th. October 2020. 

   “Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time”  

St. John Henry Newman

Priests living within the Parish:

  • Liam Cassin (Parish Priest)  
    • Telephone:    056 776 8693        or     
    • Mobile           087 231 2354
  • Peter Hoyne (Retired)  
    • Telephone:  056 776 8678       or     
    • Mobile         086 373 8492

Please do not hesitate to ring if you need assistance.

Mass Times in Aghaviller Parish:  –

Monday 5th. to Sunday 11th. October 2020.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 9.30a.m.                                                        

  • Vigil  –  Saturday 10th. at 8.00p.m.
  • Sunday 11th..  at 10.00a.m.


  • Wednesday at 7.00p.m.      
  • Vigil   –  Saturday 10th  at 6.30p.m. 
  1. Tuesday 6th.    Feast of St. Bruno.                             
  2.  Wednesday 7th.       Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary
  3. Friday 9th.       Feast of St. John Henry Newman

Pray For:

Anniversary Mass this week-end:

In Hugginstown Church on Saturday 10th. October at 8.00p.m.. –   Sheila and Larry Murphy, Gowlawn

Rota for next week-end:      

10th. and 11th. October 2020    –    (Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time)



Saturday 6.30p.m. Catherina Roche


Saturday 8.00p.m. Pat Power

Sunday10.00a.m. Gráinne Barron..

Eucharistic Ministers:                                                                     


Saturday 6.30p.m. Jakub Smolen 


Saturday 8.00p.m. Mary Cuddihy; 

Sunday10.00a.m. Lillian Carr.

Newmarket School:

Meeting of the Board of Management will be held in the school on Wednesday7th. October at 8.00p.m.


Proper protocols are in place in both Churches for the safety of all.  It appears there is no changes to highlight.

Week-end Mass in the Parish are as follows while numbers are restricted:   Stoneyford Church on Saturdays  at 6.30p.m   

Hugginstown Church on Saturdays at 8.00p.m. and  Sundays at 10.00a.m.  

  1. Please use the seats that are marked for seating:  Every second row of seats is available for seating and family members are asked to sit together in the same seat.  
  2. There is still restricted numbers permitted in Churches.  The Maximum number permitted is 50. 

Please let us know if you are staying outside, as outside speaker can be turned on and Holy Communion given.   

  • Attendance at Funeral Masses is still limited to 50, observing social distance. 
  • The wearing of face coverings during worship in all Churches is recommended.

Lotto:     –      Aghaviller Parish and Carrickshock G. A. A.

Safeguarding Contacts:   

Diocesan Designated Liaison Person:  

Mr. Cathal Cullen Tel: 087 100 0232  or  

Aghaviller Parish Representatives are:  

Teresa Broderick  and Carmel O’Toole 


The“Church Door”Collection on last weekend amounted to €535.00.  Thank You.                                                                      

The Diocesan Finance Committee has asked that we make available the parish bank account details so that people might be able to donate directly.  

For Aghaviller Parish Funds: Use IBAN:  IE74 AIBK 9330 9000 0610 47 (BIC: AIBKIE2D)  

For the support of the Clergy:  Use IBAN:  IE19 AIBK 9330 9000 0561 20 (BIC: AIBKIE2D).

All Parish Property and Accounts are registered under the (Diocese of Ossory, Reg. Charity No. 20015831)

October Station:

October Station Envelopes are available at the Church Porch.  Your contributions are for the support of the priests of the Parish and the Diocese. Your contribution can be left in the Collection Box at Church Door or you may donate directly

Use IBAN:  IE19 AIBK 9330 9000 0561 20 (BIC: AIBKIE2D).

Sunday Mass Times on the Web: (Local)

St. Canice’s Church www.stcanicesparish.ieat 10.00a.m.    

St. Mary’s Cathedral:  www.stmaryscathedral.ieat 11.00a.m.

Mooncoin Church; at 11.00a.m.    

St. John’s Church:  at 11.30a.m.  


If you wish to receive the weekly Newsletter by email, please drop your email address to

The Newsletter is available on the Stoneyford Website every weekend. (

All notices for the Newsletter to be left in by Thursdays at 5.00p.m. please.   

Contact: Telephone: 056 776 8693 or email  

 COVID-19 Support Line for Older People:

‘ALONE’ manage a national support line and additional supports for older people who have concerns or are facing difficulties relating to the outbreak of COVID-19. Professional staff is available to answer queries and give advice and reassurance where necessary. The support line is open seven days a week, 8.00a.m. to 8.00p.m; by calling 0818 222 024.

4th. October 2020    –   Twenty-Seventh Sunday of the Year

First Reading

A reading from the Prophet Isaiah:

Let me sing to my friend the song of his love for his vineyard. My friend had a vineyard on a fertile hillside.

He dug the soil, cleared it of stones and planted choice vines in it. In the middle he built a tower, he dug a press there too.  He expected it to yield grapes, but sour grapes were all that it gave.

And now, inhabitants of Jerusalem and men of Judah; I ask you to judge between my vineyard and me.

What could I have done for my vineyard that I have not done?  I expected it to yield grapes.

Why did it yield sour grapes instead?

Very well, I will tell you what I am going to do to my vineyard: I will take away its hedge for it to be grazed on,  and knock down its wall for it to be trampled on. I will lay it waste, un-pruned, un-dug; overgrown by the briar and the thorn. I will command the clouds to rain no rain on it. Yes, the vineyard of the Lord of Hosts is the House of Israel, and the men of Judah that chosen plant. He expected justice, but found bloodshed, integrity, but only a cry of distress.                                                                 

The Word of the Lord.

Responsorial Psalm

Response:   The vineyard of the Lord is the house of Israel.

You brought a vine out of Egypt; to plant it you drove out the nations.

It stretched out its branches to the sea,  to the Great River it stretched out its shoots.        R.

Then why have you broken down its walls? It is plucked by all who pass by.

It is ravaged by the boar of the forest,  devoured by the beasts of the field.                         R.

God of hosts, turn again, we implore, look down from heaven and see.

Visit this vine and protect it, the vine your right hand has planted.                                      R.

And we shall never forsake you again;  give us life that we may call upon your name.

God of hosts, bring us back, let your face shine on us and we shall be saved.                       R.

Second Reading

A Reading from St. Paul’s Letter to the Philippians:

There is no need to worry; but if there is anything you need, pray for it, asking God for it with prayer and thanksgiving, and that peace of God, which is so much greater than we can understand, will guard your hearts and your thoughts, in Christ Jesus. Finally, brothers, fill your minds with everything that is true, everything that is noble, everything that is good and pure, everything that we love and honour, and everything that can be thought virtuous or worthy of praise. Keep doing all the things that you learnt from me and have been taught by me and have heard or seen that I do. Then the God of peace will be with you.     The Word of the Lord.

Gospel Acclamation:

Alleluia, alleluia!   

I call you friends, says the Lord, because I have made known to you everything I have learnt from my Father.



A Reading from the Gospel of St. Matthew.

Jesus said to the chief priests and the elders of the people, ‘Listen to another parable. There was a man, a landowner, who planted a vineyard; he fenced it round, dug a winepress in it and built a tower; then he leased it to tenants and went abroad. When vintage time drew near he sent his servants to the tenants to collect his produce. But the tenants seized his servants, thrashed one, killed another and stoned a third. Next he sent some more servants, this time a larger number, and they dealt with them in the same way. Finally he sent his son to them. “They will respect my son” he said. But when the tenants saw the son, they said to each other, “This is the heir. Come on, let us kill him and take over his inheritance.” So they seized him and threw him out of the vineyard and killed him. Now when the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those tenants?’ They answered, ‘He will bring those wretches to a wretched end and lease the vineyard to other tenants who will deliver the produce to him when the season arrives.’ Jesus said to them, ‘Have you never read in the scriptures:

It was the stone rejected by the builders that became the keystone. This was the Lord’s doing and it is wonderful to see?  ‘I tell you, then, that the kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit.’                                                                               

The Gospel of the Lord.


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