Aghaviller Parish Newsletter

Hugginstown and Stoneyford Churches.

25th. and 26th. July 2020. 

“Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time” 

St.Ignatius Loyola

Priests living within the Parish:

Liam Cassin (Parish Priest)  

Telephone:    056 776 8693        or     

Mobile           087 231 2354

Peter Hoyne (Retired)  

Telephone:  056 776 8678       or     

Mobile         086 373 8492

Please do not hesitate to ring if you need assistance.

Mass Times in Aghaviller Parish:  –

 Monday 27th. July to Sunday 2nd. August 2020.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 9.30a.m

Vigil  –  Saturday 1st. at 8.00p.m.

Sunday 2nd   at 10.00a.m. 


Wednesday  @ 7.00p.m.

Vigil  –  Saturday 1st.  @  6.30 p.m.       

  • Wednesday 29th.  Feast of St. Martha;
  •  Friday 31st.   Feast of St.Ignatius Loyola
  • Saturday 1st.       Feast of St Alphonsus Ligouri.

Pray For: 

Anniversary Masses this week-end:

In Stoneyford Church on Saturday 25th. July at 6.30p.m.  

Jim and Bridget McCarthy, Knockdrinna

John BambrickKyleva

Months Mind Mass:

In Stoneyford Church on Saturday 1st. August at 6.30p.m.  

 Christina (Chris) Ryan, Knockanore

Rota for next week-end:   

1st. and 2nd. August 2020    –    (Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time)



Saturday 6.30p.m. Tony Roche.


Sunday 10.00a.m Valerie Farrell

Eucharistic Ministers:                                                   


Saturday 6.30p.m. Jakub Smolen.


Sunday 10.00a.m. Lillian Carr

Note:       Readers and Eucharistic Ministers are needed for 8.00p.m. Mass on Saturdays

Church Stewards Rota:

Stoneyford Church:  July 25th. –

John Corcoran and Sean Raggett. 

August 1st.  – Margaret Corcoran and Tony Roche.

August 8th. Margaret Murphy and Teresa Phelan.

If anyone else can help, please let us know.

Hugginstown Church:

Extra Stewards are needed for both Saturday and Sunday Masses: A Rota will also be arranged.

Aghaviller Parish:    (The Way Forward)

Proper protocols are in place in both Churches for the safety of all.  Please use the seats that are marked for seating:  Every second row of seats is available for seating and family members are asked to sit together in the same seat.

Week-end Mass are as follows:

Stoneyford Church on Saturdays  at 6.30p.m

Hugginstown Church on Saturdays at 8.00p.m.:  Sundays at 10.00a.m.

  • Many thanks to the Stewards who help in both Churches to remind people to sanitise their hands and to observe proper social distance within the Churches. Please accept directions from Stewards. 
  • There will be restricted numbers permitted in both Churches.  The Maximum number permitted indoors is still 50. Hugginstown Church accommodates  65 and Stoneyford Church accommodates 50 with proper social distance.  Please let us know if you are staying outside as outside speaker will be turned on and Holy Communion given.
  • There will be no Missalettes or the passing of collection bags. A collection box will be placed at the Church door. 
  • Holy Communion will be distributed on the hand only from the front of the altar. In Hugginstown Church people will come up the centre and return by the side. In Stoneyford Church people will come up the centre and return by the side entrance;  Holy Communion will be distributed upstairs in Stoneyford Church and outside if needed.
  • Mass will be celebrated on Mondays to Fridays in Hugginstown Church at 9.30a.m. and in Stoneyford Church on Wednesdays and First Fridays at 7.00p.m.
  • Baptisms can be celebrated  –  again observing social distancing and limiting the number attending.
  • Small Cemetery Masses (Kilcasey, Sheepstown, Stonecarthy) can be celebrated. Organised by local community.
  • Confirmations will be celebrated as follows:

For Newmarket School in Hugginstown Church on Saturday 22nd. August at 12.00 Noon.

For Monroe School in Hugginstown Church on Saturday 29th. August at 2.00p.m.

For Stoneyford School in Stoneyford Church; date and time to be arranged.

First Penance and First Holy Communions will be celebrated after the schools reopen in September.

  • Attendance at Funeral Masses is still limited to 50 because of social distancing. 

Cemetery Masses:

Mass will be celebrated in Sheepstown Cemetery on Thursday 6th. August at 7.30p.m.

Mass will be celebrated in Stonecarthy Cemetery on Friday 7th. August at 7.30p.m.

Local Sunday Mass Times on the Web:

St. Canice’s Church www.stcanicesparish.ieat 10.00a.m.

St. Mary’s Cathedral:  www.stmaryscathedral.ieat 11.00a.m.

St. John’s Church:  at 11.30a.m.

Mooncoin Church;  at 11.00am.

Mass is celebrated every Sunday and is also relayed on RTE Radio and T.V.  and on K.C.L.R.

Safeguarding Contacts:

Diocesan Designated Liaison Person:

Mr. Cathal Cullen Tel: 087 100 0232  or

Diocese of Ossory Web Page:

Gardaí 1800 555 222:

Tusla – Kilkenny Area –  Tel: 052 617 7302.

Aghaviller Parish Representatives are:  Teresa Broderick and Carmel O’Toole

Lotto:           –      Aghaviller Parish and Carrickshock G. A. A.

Carrickshock G.A.A.


The“Church Door”Collection on last weekend amounted to €495.00.  Thank You.

The “June Collection2020”for the support of the priests of the Parish and the Diocese will be taken up during the months of July/August.  Envelopes for this collection are available at the back of the Churches.  I would like to thank most sincerely those who have contributed during the past few weeks.  Many thanks for all of your support during these times.

The Diocesan Finance Committee has asked that we make available the parish bank account details so that people might be able to donate directly.  For Aghaviller Parish Funds: Use IBAN:  IE74 AIBK 9330 9000 0610 47 (BIC: AIBKIE2D)

For the support of the Priests:  Use IBAN:  IE19 AIBK 9330 9000 0561 20 (BIC: AIBKIE2D).

All Parish Property and Accounts are registered under the (Diocese of Ossory, Reg. Charity No. 20015831)


If you wish to receive the weekly Newsletter by email, please drop your email address to

The Newsletter is available on the Stoneyford Website every weekend. (

All notices for the Newsletter to be left in by Thursdays at 5.00p.m. please.   

Contact: Telephone: 056 776 8693 or email


26th. July 2020

Seventeenth Sunday of the Year

First Reading:

A reading from the First Bookof Kings 3:5,7-12

 The Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream and said, ‘Ask what you would like me to give you.’ Solomon replied, ‘O Lord my God, you have made your servant king in succession to David my father. But I am a very young man, unskilled in leadership. Your servant finds himself in the midst of this people of yours that you have chosen, a people so many its number cannot be counted or reckoned. Give your servant a heart to understand how to discern between good and evil, for who could govern this people of yours that is so great?’ It pleased the Lord that Solomon should have asked for this. ‘Since you have asked for this’ the Lord said ‘and not asked for long life for yourself or riches or the lives of your enemies, but have asked for a discerning judgement for yourself, here and now I do what you ask. I give you a heart wise and shrewd as none before you has had and none will have after you.’      The Word of the Lord.

Responsorial Psalm

Response:           Lord, how I love your Law!

My part, I have resolved, O Lord,  is to obey your word.

The law from your mouth means more to me than silver and gold.       R.

Let your love be ready to console me,  by your promise to your servant.

Let your love come and I shall live,  for your law is my delight.                       R.

That is why I love your commands more than finest gold,

why I rule my life by your precepts, and hate false ways.                                  R.

Your will is wonderful indeed;  therefore I obey it.

The unfolding of your word gives light and teaches the simple.                        R.

Second Reading

A Reading from St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans.  8:28-30

We know that by turning everything to their good, God co-operates with all those who love him, with all those he has called according to his purpose. They are the ones he chose specially long ago and intended to become true images of his Son, so that his Son might be the eldest of many brothers. He called those he intended for this; those he called he justified, and with those he justified he shared his glory.      The Word of the Lord.

Gospel Acclamation:

Alleluia, alleluia!

I call you friends, says the Lord,

because I have made known to you everything I have learnt from my Father.


 Please bring this Newsletter home with you; do not leave it on the seats or table after use.



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