A.G.M. Stoneyford Active Retirement Group

Stoneyford Active Retirement Group AGM

12thAnnual General Meeting


Membership: 27

Dáta: 5 Feabhra 2020

Stoneyford Active Retirement Group held its 12th A.G.M. in Stoneyford Community Centre. The meeting was well attended and and a lively meeting took place. The past year’s activities were were discussed and plans were made for the coming year. It was noted that many different activities were undertaken and that all were well attended and successful. Without a doubt the largest undertaking was the organising of a four day trip to West Cork. Trips like this are a regular feature in SARGE’S calendar now and we are looking forward to the trip to Mayo in 2020.

It was noted that the plan of action for the past was to explore what SARG could do, as a group, to enhance our own lives in our own community. SARG wants to be active in our own environment. Some of the activities undertaken in the past year included Mindfulness, Taichi, day trips, fitness for all, shortmat bowls, Library, Flower Arranging, Jewellery Making, Midweek Away Holidays, poetry readings by member poets, 10 pin bowling, Cards, art classes, drumming classes, smovie, breathing solutions.

The meeting decided to invest in a roller to enable the Mat for Short Mat Bowling to be rolled up and stored safely. There is a lot if interest in Short Mat Bowling as it is suitable for all age groups regardless of fitness or strength. It is intended to initiate Short Mat Bowling as a regular activity for the group in the coming year.

The Chairperson thanked all the members for their co-operation throughout his tenure as Chairperson.

He thanked his fellow officers, Jackie de Róiste (Secretary) and Anthony Roche (Treasurer) for their support and hard work during their tenure. He thanked all the members who actively helped throughout his tenure ie those who booked hotels, collected money for various events, who curated the library and much much more.

He especially thanked the members for their continued support and encouragement throughout the years. He said that they are really a fantastic group of people and that he couldn’t praise them highly enough. In the seven years he had been Chairperson there had not been one scintilla of aggravation, backbiting or contrariness. He said it was great great to see everyone supporting and encouraging everyone else and long may it last.

In anticipation of the election he wished in advance to wish the new officers all the best and offer them his full support in their endeavours during the coming year.

New Officers:

Chairperson: Carole Hennessy.

Secretary: Margaret Hogan.

Treasurer: Miriam Dowling.

PRO: Paddy Ganly






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