The Pearly Gates

The Pearly Gates

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At the funeral of my Aunt Mary the priest gave a sermon, he said she was a lovely woman and he was sure by now she was in heaven meeting all her friends and telling them funny stories which she often did.

As the sermon went on, my mind started to wander and it got me thinking who would I like to meet if I ever get past the pearly gates…

  • My own family would of course be top of the list
  • All the good friends I had over the years
  • The uncle who gave me ten shillings when he came on holidays
  • The cheery postman who always managed a smile no matter how early he came
  • My neighbour who arrived at the door with a freshly baked sponge when she saw I had visitors, boy did she take me out of a rut at times.
  • I have to include my cat Winston who was such a fun and lovely companion over the years – I’d be hoping there is a corner for pets there.
  • There would of course be a few people I wouldn’t like to meet –
  • The bank manager who always had a look of exasperation whenever I went to see him
  • The tradesman who never came to finish the roof …. A damp spot on the ceiling marks the spot. I’d have to give him a piece of my mind.
  • The shop assistant who said I looked a bit on the round side when I was buying a pair of jeans – I’d have a smug expression when she saw I had slimmed down.

It would be thumbs down too to the driver who drove through a big puddle and drenched me when I was cycling – I’d return his two fingered salute!

And then there was the neighbour who bored me silly with his escapades during the war   years. ‘Twas a mystery how anybody escaped when he had a rifle in his hands, I was often on the point of asking him to go home and not to let the door hit him on the arse on his way out.

The thought then struck me ..What if some of these people are gone down to hell?! Where will I see them then?

Then I heard the priest say, ‘let us commit her body to her earthly grave……

Angela Hayes, January 2018

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