Tidy Towns

12 January 2018

Tidy Towns 2018:

Dear All,

First and foremost here’e to a very healthy and happy New Year to all. Please note that we will hold our inaugural 2018 Planning Meeting at the Community Centre on Monday night next 15th January at 9.00 pm.
  1. Review of achievements 2015-17.
  2. Review of work in progress 2018.
  3. Landscaping Plan 2018.
  4. Finance & Funding 2017-2018.
  5. TUC & CEES Schemes.
  6. National Tidy Towns Entry.
  7. Original Tidy Towns Committee.
  8. AOB.
I look forward to a full attendance for this critically important Planning Meeting. Many thanks.
Kindest regards,
Donie Butler.
Chair STT Committee.
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