S.A.R.G. ar cuairt chuig Mount Congreve Gardens 2017

On 4 Bealtaine 2017 Stoneyford Active Retirement Group visited Mount Congreve Gardens in Waterford. Thankfully the weather was beautiful for our trip. The sun shone gloriously all day and the accompanying breeze made for ideal conditions in which to view the gardens. The gardens comprise seventy acres of intensively planted woodland gardens and a four-acre walled gardens. The entire collection consists of over three thousand different trees and shrubs, more than two thousand Rhododendrons, six hundred Camellias, three hundred Acer cultivars, six hundred conifers, two hundred and fifty climbers and fifteen hundred herbaceous plants.

Please do not allow these statistics intimidate any prospective visitors. What I liked about the garden is that it was possible to enjoy the experience of being in such a wonderful garden without being an expert in all things horticultural. All that is needed to enjoy a walk around Mount Congreve Gardens is an open mind, eyes to see and a nose to smell not to mention ears to hear all the glorious birdsong. The garden is recognised internationally for its rare species of plants and also its plant nurseries and I would highly recommend it to anyone with an hour or two to spend in the Waterford area. To round off the day we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Holy Cross Restaurant where we chatted and compared opinions on our visit to Mount Congreve Gardens.


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