S.D.A. 30 January 2016 SDA Committee Meeting.

Minutes of the Executive meeting of Stoneyford Development Association 30 Eanáir 2017.


Present: Joe Whyte, Conchubhar de Róiste, Regina Moran, Fred Malzard and Micheál Ó Fearghail.

Apologies: Kathy Ryan

The meeting was called to order at 21.30 hrs. The Chairperson Joe Whyte presided.

Financial Statement:

Fred, presented a comprehensive report on the current financial situation of SDA. Fred has the audited accounts ready for the A.G.M.

Bank Balance

Expenditure:          €10,403

Income:                 €23,360

Carried Forward:   €15,102

Outstanding Balance on loan: €83,787.99

The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

 Matters Arising From the Minutes:

  1. A Quotations were being sought re purchase of blinds for MP and MR1.
  2. Discussed the renting of space for use as a pre school. It was agreed to investigate this matter further to see if it suited both the proposed client and S.D.A..
  3. G.M. fixed for 6th. Márta 2017 @ 20.15. This is to be advertised on website, Parish Newsletter and Stoneyford Notes. Nomination papers will be available on stoneyford.ie and in the Walsh’s Shop.
  4. Joe to finalise the purchase of a lock for the lift. Safety notices will be placed to advise users not to use the lift unless accompanied. Users are advised to have a mobile phone available in case of lift malfunction.
  5. Joe has sourced a boot cleaning system to be placed at the exit from the field. This will enable players to clean their boots before exiting the field.
  6. Both Christmas fair and the party for senior citizens were noted to be very successful.

Ongoing business of Meeting.

  1. Conchubhar undertook to write to Mr. P O’Rourke, thanking him for his work on the Wheelchair Ramp at the centre.
  2. It was decided to advise Foróige, Soccer Club and Active Retirement groups to appoint a member to the Board of S.D.A.
  3. It was reported that The Tús worker Mr. Paul Ryan and the Fás worker Mr. Martin Raggett have finished their work terms respectively. These posts have not been filled.
  4. A new Tús worker Ms. Ber Grace has begun work.


Active retirement paid €80 for rent of MP room on four occasions..

Meeting ended 23.10 hrs.

Next meeting 6th. March 2017.

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