Stoneyford Tidy Towns February 2017

Dear All,
As you know we failed to meet last year due in the main to my inability to over commit to projects following my surgery in March. Thankfully I am now back and enjoying the challenge once more. Thanks especially to Joe & Paschal for manning the helm in my absence. I am pleased to report a healthy state of affairs financially.
I have set out the following below in various attachments as follows:
  1. The financial accounts for 2016 thanks to Fred
  2. Report on Projects undertaken and completed to date.
  3. Village Plan for 2017 in conjunction with SDA and other stakeholders.
  4. Council Village Renewal Scheme -Design, Plan & Layout 2016.
How does next Monday night at 9pm suit everyone for a meeting? I don’t intend to get bogged down in minutes and lengthy discussions but I do intend to devise a rapid action plan with your permission.
Many thanks for all of your support to date.
Kindest regards,

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