S.D.A. 5 December 2016 SDA Committee Meeting.

Minutes of the Executive meeting of Stoneyford Development Association 5 December 2016.

Present: Joe Whyte, Conchubhar de Róiste, Regina Moran, Fred Malzard and Micheál Ó Fearghail.

Apologies: Kathy Ryan

The meeting was called to order at 21.15 hrs. The Chairperson Joe Whyte presided.

Financial Statement:
Fred, presented a comprehensive report on the current financial situation of SDA. Fred has the audited accounts ready for the A.G.M.

Bank Balance
Expenditure: €3,422
Income: €1,695
Carried Forward: €2,702

Outstanding Balance on loan: €85,017

The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.

Matters Arising From the Minutes:
a. A caller for the Bingo sessions has been found.
b. No progress was reported re. blinds for M.P. room.
c. It was decided to put a lock on the lift.
d. Regina had a source for stringed window displays, she will get a quotation.
e. The Playground gate is painted.

Ongoing business of Meeting.
1. It was decided to hold the A.G.M. on Monday 6th February 2017.
2. t was decided to actively encourage new members to join S.D.A.
3. It was reported that the computer course was good and being availed of.
4. It was decided to seek quotations from service providers as current contracts end.
5. It was decided not to make any changes to the library.
6. It was decided to use Facebook in conjunction with the website to promote Stoneyford.
7. It was reported that the wheelchair ramp was completed. A thank you letter is to be sent to Mr. P. O’Rourke for doing the work.
8. Conchubhar undertook to check out getting a brush cleaning system for the grounds.
9. The portacabin has been repaired.
10. Christmas Fair to be held in the hall on 18th December 2016.
11. Party for Senior Citizens to be held 11th. Dec 2016.

No correspondence.

Meeting ended 23.10 hrs.

Next meeting: 30 January 2017

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