S.D.A. 15 September 2016 Committee Meeting.

Minutes for the Executive meeting of Stoneyford Development Association 15 September 2016.


Joe Whyte, Conchubhar de Róiste. and Micheál Ó Fearghail.


Regina Moran, Fred Malzard

The meeting was called to order at 21.00 hrs. The Chairperson Joe Whyte presided.

Financial Statement:

Joe, in the absence of Fred, presented a comprehensive report on the current financial situation of SDA.

Bank Balance

Expenditure: €12,417

Income: €7,457

Carried Forward: €7,640


The minutes were read and signed.

Matters Arising From the Minutes:
  1.  It was decided to continue work on charitable status.
  2.  It was decided to review meeting times.
  3.  Conchubhar undertook the development of a Health and Safety statement.
  4.  It was decided to seek volunteers to act as Centre management personnel.
  5. The playground gate has not been painted a different colour.
  6. The portacabin roof has been repaired; work is being done on the inside.
  7. It was decided to establish a Film Club in the Autumn 2016.
  8. It was reported that Max-Fi did not meet requirements.
Business of Meeting.
  1.  The treasurer will be asked to have audited accounts ready for A.G.M.
  2.  It was announced that a caller for the Bingo session was required.
  3.  Due to a misunderstanding SDA an application for a Leader grant to buy blinds for MP room was turned down, Foróige will be asked to make an application.
  4.  A grant of €1000 for Tidy Towns is being used for landscaping and installing applications i.e. pump etc in the village environs.
  5.  It was decided not to proceed with Field Day due to time constraints.
  6.  It was agreed that that the lift be locked to prevent abuse.
  7.  Conchubhar will source suspended window display units.
  8.  It was decided to seek new members to come on the Board of SDA.
  9.  It was decided to define the role and duties of the Chairperson with a view to distributing the workload and making it easier for a successor to the post.
  10.  It was decided to procure a visual display to show the reduction of the SDA debt.

No correspondence.

Meeting ended 23.10 hrs.


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