S.D.A.18th. January 2016. Committee Meeting

Agreed Statement S.D.A. Board Meeting 18th.January 2016


Present: Joe Whyte, Regina Moran, Conchubhar de Róiste, Fred Malzard, and Micheál Ó Fearghail.

Apologies: Kathy Ryan,

The meeting was called to order at 21.30 hrs. The Chairperson Joe Whyte presided.


Financial Statement:

Treasurer Fred Malzard presented  a comprehensive report on the current financial situation of SDA.


Bank Balance 31/12/2015:    €10,600.00

Expenditure:   €5,013.00

Income:         €13,650.00

Carried Forward:        €1966.00

Outstanding Balance on loan: 14/12/2015: €97,360.00

The minutes were read and signed.


Matters Arising From the Minutes:

  1.  It was decided not to seek a grant but to replace bulbs with L.E.D. whenever a bulb needed to be replaced.
  2. A Board member to attend a meeting in Carlow to investigate the feasibility of seeking charitable status for S.D.A.
  3. A Strictly Come dancing fundraiser to be investigated.
  4. A Child Protection statement was presented by Regina and accepted by the Board.
  5. It was decided to research a suitable Child Protection, Mission and Health and Safety statements and to report back at the next meeting.
  6. A suitable way to commemorate the 1916 Rising is to be investigated.


There was a request to paint the gates of the Playground to make it clear where the entrance and exit are.

It was noted that the Community Centre manager was due to retire, Joe is to investigate the appointment of a successor.

Meeting ended 23.10 hrs.

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