Stoneyford Active Retirement Group visit Russborough House 12 Aibreán 2016


On the 12th. of April 2016 members of S.A.R.G. went on another leg of their never ending world tour. This time the destination was Russborough House in Co. Wicklow. Besides being famous for its architecture Russborough House is famous for housing the internationally acclaimed art collection of the Beight family and also for being the scene of some notorious robberies. As luck would have it the sun shone and we enjoyed one of the best days, weather-wise, of the year so far.

The trip to Russborough was nice and relaxed and we got the opportunity to enjoy the lovely scenery that surrounded us. Busses are a great way to travel as one is seated in a high up position, higher than the surrounding ditches, and thus a countryside that would otherwise be hidden from the traveller is revealed in all its glory.

On arriving at Russborough we adjourned to the quaint surroundings of the original Russborough kitchen for a morning coffee and scone. Both delicious. I have to say I was not at all prepared fort the tour of the house that followed. The 3D exhibition was brilliant and unexpected and a must if you are visiting the house.

Our guide, Ann, was exceptionally good, her tour was a mixture of history, information, fact, anecdotes and good humour, one of the best tours I have ever experienced. Having satiated ourselves on the wonders of the magnificent house we adjourned for a tasty lunch served by a helpful and friendly staff. As the weather was fine we spent the rest of the day exploring the surrounding area. The maze is a challenge and well worth the experience. There is a lovely playground for children and the adjoining craft workshops are a must. The walled gardens were a disappointment ‘though the ongoing work of the local horticulture society was evident and must be commended.

Tired but happy we returned hone at five o clock in the afternoon.

For more pictures of the wonderful day please visit our Gallery of the day: Click here.

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