Independents’ Day


The election’s over and the votes are counted

I’m sittin’ here in the Dail.

In me brown striped shirt and me navy blue suit

I’m  admired by one and all.

I’m pickin’ up tips on how to survive

And I’ve latched onto one or two.

But the one that stands out is when I shout

Hey ! I didn’t interrupt you.

Now I didn’t interrupt you

So please don’t interrupt me.

I’m tryin’ to get to the nub of the matter

But you just can’t agree.

Before this session is through

I’ll have my say, you’ll see.

Now, I didn’t interrupt you

So please don’t interrupt me.

I’ve served me time in the County Council

And politicin’ school as well.

I’ve done two weeks of a communication course,

Now surely you can tell.

I can talk for an hour and still say nothin’,

I’m a master debater too.

And I can silence the house

When I shouts ‘ I DIDN’T INTERRUPT YOU’.

I believe in me heart that I’m the start

Of a political dynasty.

I’ve a fine strappin’ son and a very brainy daughter

I’m sure they’d want to follow me.

I’ll teach them everything I know

but to me battle cry I’ll be true.

For I won’t let them out until  they can shout



Patrick Ganly

March 2016.

If you would like to hear Paddy read his poem please play the link below:

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