Stoneyford/Ennisnag Community News February 2016

There is a lot happening in YOUR community at present with plans being advanced on an ongoing basis for the 2016-17 Village Renewal Scheme, Garda Community Text Alert, Proposed Walking Trails, Field Names Project, Historic Buildings Name Plates, Landscaping, Hedgerow & Litter Control & Green Dog Walking. We invite you to become involved with us on this journey and play an active part in the vision for our village and the surrounding area and the execution of the plan.

Tidy Towns: Of course key to Stoneyford Tidy Towns (STT) participation in year two of the National Tidy Towns project is the delivery on the critical assessment areas of: Built Environment & Streetscape, Landscaping & Open Spaces, Wildlife, Habitats & Natural Amenities, Sustainable Waste & Resource Management, Tidiness & Litter Control, Residential Streets & Housing Estates, Approach Roads, Streets & Lanes and Heritage/Conservation.

Village Renewal Scheme (VRS): Following various presentations by the Tidy Towns committee to local Councillors, Minister Ann Phelan and the Local Authority, preparations have advanced to a blueprint proposal for the Village. The initial blueprint includes Landscaping, refined & additional Kerb lines, extended footpaths, traffic calming, regional signage to be installed, open drain to be piped and grassed over, new gullies and drainage system to be installed to facilitate urban tree planting programme.

Garda Community Text Alert Scheme: Discussions have taken place with Garda Janet King re introducing the very effective Text Alert Scheme for Stoneyford area. A public information meeting date will be announced shortly. Stoneyford is now the only community without this service. The scheme is operational in Ennisnag, Danesfort, Kells, Bennetsbridge, Thomastown, Knocktopher, Ballyhale & Dunnamaggin.

Walking Trails: Kilkenny Leader Trail coordinator Harry Everard is presently in discussion with both Kells, ourselves in Stoneyford Tidy Towns and the local landowners in endeavouring to develop a walking trail along the Kings River between Ennisnag & Kells and onto the Nore River. If he has not been in touch with all landowners yet he hopes to do so in the coming days. This would be a truly wonderful local amenity as it has proven elsewhere around the county.

Field Names Project: Stoneyford Tidy Towns are working in close harmony with the County Heritage Officer, Dearbhala Ledwidge to commence the ‘Field Names Project’ in the local area. We invite all local farmers and landowners to join with us in the completion of this very valuable addition to our local focloir and heritage. It is a very simple process really as the landowners will be provided with a map of their property and they will be asked to fill the known traditional names (Irish or English) of their fields.

Wall Plaques/Name Plates: STT will provide all listed and protected structures with standardised Heritage Name Plates so as to highlight their heritage and importance in the village for both locals and visitors alike.

Landscaping: This year STT have secured sponsorship from Mount Juliet in the provision of all our shrub and flower needs. We are extremely thankful to Mount Juliet and Peter Wilson, as they are also making available to us the services and advice of Head Gardener Pat O’Reilly. However volunteers will still be required for planting days and watering through the season.

Hedgerow Control: Local landowners are reminded that they have a short window to get their hedgerows cutback before the deadline on February 29th.

Green Dog Walking: The public are reminded that they are required by law to clean up if their dog(s) fowls and also that the dog(s) must be retained on a lead at ALL times whilst they walk their dog(s) in a public place. This has become a particular problem over the winter months at the Community Centre and is a serious health risk to our children and adults using the sports facilities.

Other Projects planned by Stoneyford Tidy Towns for 2016-17:

  1. Completion of Stonewall at Noreland’s Rd/Main St junction.
  2. Landscaping Programme.
  3. Rockery at Lawcus Lane/Newline junction.
  4. Source old style Phone Box.
  5. Source old style Post Pill Box.
  6. Source Caltex Lamps for O’Dwyer’s old petrol pumps.
  7. Erection of mini cast iron Pump at Ford River/Stream.
  8. Construct steps to stream.
  9. Continue to close out Village ‘Black Spot’ audit.
  10. Graphic old shop window. Tidy Town’s message.
  11. Annual painting projects. Picnic Tables, Gates etc.
  12. Restore old garage signage at Andy Brennan’s.
  13. Develop Anglers walkway.
  14. Treat Knotweed & Balsam at Ennisnag.

Projects in consultation with Local Authority:

  1. Pathway to Ennisnag.
  2. Walking trails at Kings River.
  3. Conservation Projects (Ennisnag Bridge/Farmhouse ruin, Village Well, Kiln, entrance wall to village).
  4. Tourist Destination signage.
  5. Remove overhead cables and place underground.
  6. Install old style village lighting.
  7. Repair & Replace footpaths.
  8. Planting of urban trees at Main St.
  9. Cast Iron Village name entrance signs.
  10. Erect bollard at potential accident black spots in village.

We look forward to your continued support for our many and varied projects planned for Stoneyford & Ennisnag.

Stoneyford Tidy Towns Committee: Donie Butler (Chairman), Paschal Long (Hon Treasurer), Regina Moran, Paddy O’Dwyer, Donal Sheridan, Jimmy Sheehan, Pat Phelan, Kathy Ryan & Breda Sheehan.

Stoneyford Tidy Towns works under the auspices of Stoneyford Development Association. Joe Whyte, Fred Malzard, Conchubhar de Róiste, Regina Moran, Kathy Ryan and Michael O’Fearghail are the ex-officio members of the committee.

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