Stoneyford 10K Challenge 2016

10k 2016A

Go for it!

Go for it!

Couch to 10k” implies we’re all sitting on our backsides half the day with nothing to do and all the time in the world to do it.

So this time, let’s call it the “Kitchen to 10k” program, ‘cos we’re all in there most of the day, eating, drinking or cleaning!

Starting Wednesday February 24th at 9.45am is a new “Kitchen to 10k” walk/run program for complete beginners, designed ultimately to get you to the start line of our great Stoneyford 10k, just 11 weeks later. There is no pressure to complete the 10k at the end however. Maybe you just want to start getting your fitness back after injury or illness, a baby, or just want to be able to run a short distance without stopping. If so, this is for you also.

To facilitate child minding Mams/Dads/Grannies/Uncles (etc!), the plan is to dump any toddlers into the outdoor playground (or indoor hall if raining) and have a participant ‘sub in’ on each lap to keep an eye on them. So, don’t let your kids hold you back!

If you’re already used to pounding the roads however, or figure you have at least SOME level of fitness from soccer, tennis, hurling etc, but want to add some structure to your training week, with an aim of improving your stamina or race times, Mondays at 7pm, starting February 22nd, is the night for you. Again, these are ‘Improver sessions’, geared toward increasing your ability over the 10k distance come mid-May, but with intervals that can be adapted for most distances.
Both the ‘Kitchen to 10k’ and ‘Improver Sessions’ will take place at the grass track by the Stoneyford Community Centre and will cost just €2 per person per session.
Please PM us here, or call/text Adele at 087 9384521 to register your interest or for more information.

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