After Lá ‘le Bríde


St Brigid’s day has come and it has passed.
A wave of hope is sweeping o’er the earth.
The long awaited Spring is here at last,
With a promise of renewal
and rebirth.

The light is lasting longer
By a cock-step every day
And all of nature takes delight
In every Sunshine’s ray.

The memories of winter will
shortly be consigned
To the deepest dark recesses
Of the optimistic mind.

The air is filled with birdsong.
In the garden buds appear.
The daffodils sway their golden heads
To fill our hearts with cheer.

As fruits and flowers in beauty grow,
I’m sure it’s nature’s way,
To have the world in readiness
For Resurrection day.

Patrick Ganly

February 2016

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  1. Mícheál Ó Máirtín says:

    Dán spreagúil den scoth.

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