Stoneyford Tidy Towns February 2016


Dear All,

We will stage our very important opening meeting of 2016 on Monday 8th February at the Community Centre at 8pm.


  1. Schedule of meeting dates.
  2. Schedule of Clean Up Dates.
  3. Programme of work 2016.
  4. Progress with County Council on VRS.
  5. Financial report.
  6. AOB.


The major focus in 2016 will concentrate on the approved Village Renewal Scheme led by the County Council and ourselves. The primary objectives will be as follows:

  • Pathway to Ennisnag.
  • Walking trails at Kings River.
  • Restore 12thCentury Bridge walls at Ennisnag.
  • Restore old walls at Kilkenny Rd (Sheehan’s).
  • Restore Village Well.
  • Restore Hogg’s Lime Kiln.
  • Erect signage for nearby tourist destinations.
  • Place overhead cables underground.
  • Repair/replace footpaths.
  • Plant urban trees at Main St.
  • Replace lighting with old style lamps.
  • Carry out ‘wall plates’ programme on listed/protected structures.
  • Cast iron Village entrance signs.


The major focus of the Tidy Towns Committee will be as follows:

  • Conduct ‘Field Names’ project with local landowners.
  • Secure finance and funding.
  • Completion of stone wall at Norelands/Main St. Junction.
  • Planting of raised bed at Merino Drive.
  • Creation of rockery at Lawcus Lane/New Line Junction.
  • Sourcing of Telephone Kiosk.
  • Sourcing of Pill Post-box.
  • Source old ‘caltex’ lamps for petrol pumps.
  • Erection of cast iron pump at Ford River.
  • Insertion of steps at Ford River.
  • Plant flowers & shrubs at various bed locations around village.
  • Continue to close out ‘Black Spots’ in village.
  • Graphic former shop window.
  • Paint picnic tables and gates.
  • Reposition old signage at Andy Brennan’s.
  • Advance walking trails at King’s River.
  • Reveal old farmhouse ruins at Ennisnag.
  • Encourage businesses to maintain their premises and property.
  • Sustainable Waste management plan and implementation.


On behalf of the committee, I look forward to receiving your support and working with you in continuing to make Stoneyford & Ennisnag an even better and nicer place to live. Thank you for all your support to date.

Financial Report: Click to download.

Kind regards,


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