Scrunch by Audrey

Audrey’s Scrunch



Ingredients:            thumb_IMG_2195_1024

3oz. (85g)                 Sugar

4oz. (113g)               Flake Meal (Oatmeal, Porridge)

2oz. (57g)                 Cornflakes, broken a bit even dust

4oz. (113g)               Butter or Margarine.

2 dessert spoons (26g) of Golden Syrup.

Few drops of Vanilla Extract


Tin:                   12” x 8”

Oven:               140C Fan



Melt butter, syrup and sugar.

Add vanilla to mix of meal, add flakes in a bowl.

Add to melted mix.

Stir well.







Spread into the well greased or lined tin.

Bake for 15 – 20 minutes in oven (Fan 140 C) until golden.

Cut into fingers when cool.





Click to Download: Audrey’s Scrunch

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