After Christmas comes the Fall


The holiday’s over
The mistletoe’s gone
And the tree has been sent off
for shredding.
There’s an envelope there
At which I just stare,
For I know it’s the bill
I’ve been dreading.

Forgive me my sin.
I was weak and gave in
To the message our leaders
Were sending.
“The tiger is back,
We’re away on a hack.
So get out, do your bit
And start spending”.

So I racked up the bills
As  I queued at the tills,
With never a thought of tomorrow.
I hadn’t a care, for I knew
I’d get there,
If I had to beg, steal or borrow.

But now, in the gloom
Of my post-christmas room,
I know there is just one solution.
It’s going to be hard,
But I’ll cut up the card
And live out my new-year
by Patrick Ganly (January 2016)

If you would like to hear Paddy read his poem please play the link below:

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