S.D.A. 10th. November 2015 Committee Meeting


Agreed Statement S.D.A. Board Meeting 10th. November 2015 

Present: Joe Whyte, Regina Moran, Conchubhar de Róiste, Fred Malzard and Micheál Ó Fearghail.

Apologies: Kathy Ryan

The meeting was called to order at 21.30 hrs. The Chairperson Joe Whyte presided.

The minutes were read and signed.

The Board passed a vote of thanks to Martin Connolly for his input to the committee and his work and advice concerning the hall.

Financial Statement:

Treasurer Fred Malzard presented a comprehensive report on the current financial situation of SDA.

Bank Balance:                                            31/10/2015: €3349

Outstanding Balance: on loan:             31/10/2015: €98,560.00

It was reported that the charge for renting the facilities of the Community Centre has been agreed by all users.

It was decided to have the defibrillator case repaired and the batteries replaced with new ones.

A Christmas Fair is to be held in the hall on 6th. December.

The Senior Citizens party is to be held 13th. December.

Projects for the Future:

  • Blinds to be procured for the meeting rooms.
  • Fix Portacabin.
  • Change Hall Lights to LED
  • Replace Heating Pump.
  • Buy T.V.

Meeting closed: 23.00hrs





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