Dublin in the quare ould Times.

Dublin in the quare ould Times.

by Patrick Ganly

Who’s goin’ to Ferrier Pollock when you’re old and Hector Gray.

Who’s goin’ to treat you to a Cavendish and what big bear will Pay-an-

Take you out to T&C Martin and hear all about his Harcourt Line.

When he hears that you’re up the Metropole.

We’ll have a Royal and a Regal time.

He’ll say ‘well that’s just Capitol, aren’t you the Jammet one,

A right little Madame Nora with all your Weinribs on’.

We’ll hear The Russel of the Green Rooster in a Paradiso made for two

And when I in The Evening Press you,

You’ll be feeling just Lyk-Nu.

When they hear that you’re in the Television Club, I’ll be rightly Bartley Dunne.

Your Smart Brothers, in their Huet Motors will have me on the run

But I’ve always been a Lucky Coady and my lesson from The Teachers  is clear.

Find out now, or Findlater that my love Todd Burns sincere.

Patrick Ganly.

November 2015

If you would like to hear Paddy read his poem please play the link below:

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