Major Local Projects by Tidy Towns Committee 2015-16.


  1. Ford River Steps & Pump.
  2. Noreland’s Jct. wall.
  3. Raised Bed tree pipe extension.
  4. Lawcus Lane/Ennisnag Rd Rockery.
  5. Old Telephone Kiosk. Cost and source.
  6. Old Pillar Post Box. Cost & source.
  7. Tree Planting. (Council).
  8. Black Spot Audit close out.
  9. Level Road Margins Ennisnag Rd & Knocknabooly Rd. (Council)
  10. Shrub Planting.
  11. Daffodil Planting. John Hughes.
  12. Kebhabs Signage/Bins & Painting.
  13. Stream pollution. (Council).
  14. Dump Norelands. (Council).
  15. Yellow Lines Merino Drive. Write to Supt Thomastown.
  16. Shop Window Graphic
  17. Paint Picnic Tables. Spring/Summer.
  18. KSM growth west side.
  19. S/D Gable Wall paint.
  20. H&H Photo Exhibition at CC. Daido Rails & Clips.
  21. Cut back Leylander’s.
  22. Parks Dept. Trees & Hedging request. Apply.
  23. Cover in culvert Main St. (Council).
  24. Bollards Main St. (Council)
  25. Write to Supt. Re yellow lines.
  26. 2016 Sponsorship letters to Commercial concerns.

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