Brown Bread by Páraic

thumb_IMG_1946_1024(This recipe makes two loaves)

600 grams of extra coarse Wholemeal Flour
100 grams of Porridge Oats
1 palmful of Oat BranIngredients
1 teaspoon of Salt, sieved
2 tsp. Breadsoda, sieved

500 mls. Buttermilk
300 mls. Low Fat (not skimmed) Milk

40 grams Butter

Preheat Oven to 190 degrees
Grease 2 baking tins or use liners

MixMix all dry ingredients.5Dry mix

Put Buttermilk & Low Fat Milk in a dish & give it 2 mins in microwave.

Melt the Butter & add to it to the warm Milk.

Pour into the dry ingredients & mix well.
Divide the mixture between the two tins.

Scatter Porridge Oats over the mixture.
Cover each tin with tin foil & place in the oven for 25 mins.
After 25 mins. remove the tin foil & put back in the oven.
After another 25 mins. remove from the oven & take bread from the tins.

thumb_IMG_1943_1024Wrap in tea towels & place on a wire rack to coolthumb_IMG_1945_1024
Hope you like it.


Download Here:   Paraic’s Brown Bread

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