Stoneyford Tidy Towns Landscaping programme: August 2015

A huge job of work has been done. We can all be proud of our collective achievements with over 50 items closed out and just 20 to go. I summarise the outstanding work programme to be completed ASAP as follows:



  1. Render & Cap HSE Health Centre wall. (Action Matt H/POD/PL)
  2. Construct Raised Bed at Merino Drive. (Action RM/JW/Fix It).
  3. Replace stones at Noreland’s Jct. Wall and erect wooden Fence like Finnegan’s. (Action Fix It)
  4. Create stone steps feature to Ford River & Erect Pump. (Action Fix It)


Paint: (Action Fix It & Prop Owners)

  1. Stoneyford Eng. Gates.
  2. KSM Roof (west side)
  3. Semi D House beside Claire Dunne’s gable wall.
  4. Derelict School Plywood (Fix It)
  5. Malzard’s Pub Walls.
  6. Lodges Wall.
  7. Unoccupied House beside old shop. (Fix It)
  8. Capping of CC wall. (Fix It)
  9. Gable end of CC. Height required. (Fix It).
  10. Paint John Sheehan’s, Andy’s, Water Treatment & O’Connell’s field gates. (Fix It).


Odd Jobs:

  1. Remove rubble from foot of stone wall near Info Board. (Fix It)
  2. Graphic window of Old Shop. DB
  3. Remove unused signs at KSM
  4. Clear growth at west side of KSM
  5. Remove some signage at KSM.
  6. Kebabish change signage. DB


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