Tidy Towns 15 Bealtaine 2015

Dear All,

There still is a huge body of work to be carried out if we are to make any real visual progress with our effort for Tidy Towns 2016. Paschal & Paddy have made quite an amount of progress with the ‘Fix It’ plan. I am aware that the weather has been very unkind to us as I know Catherina and her team are ready to swing into action big time.

Need to meet next Tuesday evening at 8pm to Review Plan of Action by all.

Kind regards,


See summary of progress made to date:

Major Projects:

  • Restoration of ‘Old Village Walls’ at entrance roads.
  • Presentation to Leader. Funding 2016?
  • Priority Noreland’s Rd/Main St Junction and Kilkenny Rd’s.
  • Old Village well & Lime Kiln.


  • 2014 Amenity Grant received.
  • 2015 Amenity Grant applied for.
  • Will plant trees in village in late Autumn.
  • Will address road margin Village to Andy Brennan’s.
  • Will erect new Community Centre sign.
  • Will address shores at East end of village.
  • Will erect village sign at Norelands Rd.
  • Will address road margin at Knocktopher Rd.
  • Will address Waste Bins at Stonecarthy Rd.
  • Will address Temp Dump at Norelands Rd.
  • Will address pollution source at Ford River.
  • Footpath to Ennisnag Phase I 2016 Budget.
  • Trees received and planted at Community Centre & Kells Rd Green.
  • Applied to have Electric cables placed underground.
  • Signage sought for Stonecarthy Church Ruins, Kilree Round Tower & High Cross.

 Presentations & Formations:

  • Formation of Tidy Towns Committee (October 2014)
  • Formation of History & Heritage Society (November 2015)
  • Appointment of Project Leaders & Working Groups.
  • Presentation to Kilkenny Area West Reps & Kilkenny Municipal District Council (West & East).
  • Presentation to Minister Anne Phelan.
  • Presentations to Local Community Leaders & Public -Tidy Towns, Environment & Heritage & Wildlife & Habitats.

Landscaping Programme:

  • Expertise sought.
  • Plan prepared.
  • All hedgerows cut back.
  • Funding sought –Amenity Grant for Merino Drive.
  • Shovel ready to roll out –Main St, Community Centre Outdoor Storage area, Merino Drive, Lawcus Lane/Newline Jct. & Kells Rd Green.
  • Estate Garden Competitions to be rolled out.
  • School Green Flag programme activated.
  • Ongoing grass cutting.
  • Pruning of overgrowth at Ford River. Remove branches and shred same.

Village ‘Black Spot’ Audit:

  • Audit conducted December 2014.
  • Implementation ongoing –Painting & Fix It teams in action.
  • Review remaining tasks and revise plan.


  • Tree plan to be finalised.
  • Reinstate old Village Furniture: Postbox, Telephone Kiosk etc.

Litter Pick Days:

  • 3 Major Litter Pick Days –March, April & May. 27, 22 & 10 Sacks of litter respectively.
  • Weekly Local Estate/Road & Street Reps Litter Picks.


  • Newsletter Launched.
  • New Website.
  • Social Media Used –Facebook & Twitter.
  • Texts & Emails.
  • Kilkenny People Stoneyford Notes.
  • Parish Newsletter.
  • School.
  • Posters Pubs & Businesses.

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