Stoneyford Tidy Towns Landscaping programme: 2015

Project Leader Catherina Roche

I met with a professional Landscaper recently and we did an audit of the Village in terms of needs and plans going forward. His advice was to keep it simple and low maintenance which makes a lot of sense from an ongoing management perspective.

Joint ideas and suggestions as follows:

Kilkenny Road:

  • Junction with Lawcus Lane & Newline. Clear overgrowth. Bedding Shrubs, Perennials and consider a seat.
  • New Stoneyford entrance sign to village preferably cast iron –old stone bedding –flowers and shrubs.
  • Right hand west side near old forge some bedding plants and possibly shrubs near Mena’s wall.

Community Centre:

  • Plant bedding area in front of new extension.
  • New footpath to replace above.
  • Plant hedging in front of outdoor storage area. COMPLETED
  • Plant additional Silver Birch trees. COMPLETED
  • Cut back overgrowth tree branches & grass at river and stream. COMPLETED
  • Infill gaps in CC/Malzard’s hedgerow. Late 2015


  • Promote internal competition between Streets, Roads, and Estates etc also ‘Garden of the Year’. Judging criteria to be set up.

Kells Road Green area:

  • Plan bedding where old Cherry Blossom stood–shrubs and perennials. Need HSE Approval.
  • Consider antique style furniture: Trap/Horses Cart/Creamery Churns/Old Wheels etc.
  • Further clusters of Trees to be considered. COMPLETED

Merino Drive entrance/green:

  • Raised & extend bedding area (Xmas Tree area) Horse Shoe shape. Shrubs and seasonal flowers. Planned.
  • Street Nameplate. Planned
  • Clean up wall and plant shrubs. Remove rubble.
  • Consider wall plaque to original TT Committee. Frances Wallace, Audrey Hogg, Maura Roche & Maudie Dunne & others???

Main Street:

  • Plant mature Trees (2) at each side of road X 6 locations throughout village. Council permission required for those earmarked for public footpath. Planned Late 2015
  • Acquire up to a dozen/eighteen large tubs preferably of concrete variety deep and wide in equal measure strategically located at both sides of Main St. Shrubs and flowers planted accordingly
  • Discard hanging baskets unless nearby property owners are prepared to take responsibility for watering in summer months.
  • Promote Window Boxes.
  • Plant 2 mature trees near Chapel View junction. Planned late 2015
  • Note trees must not block signage or be a hazard to traffic.
  • Shelter Belt of trees & hedging both sides of KSM property.
  • Clean up bank on east side of KSM.


Black-spots Audit Action -LANDSCAPING:

  • Fence repair at Norelands/Main St junction. PDM Railing temporary until Wall rebuilt. Plant Hedging.
  • View of galvanise roof on South side of Main Street. Shrub & flower bank. Hedge and 4/5 suitable Trees each side of Shed. Remove mesh wire and stakes and replace with PDM fencing short term.
  • Consider trees for forecourt of M&J O’Dwyer.
  • Remove/Cut back (where safe to do so) all ivy from stonewalls on all entrance roads and in village especially on section of street from derelict Boys/Girls school to Sheridan’s. Shrub/flower wide section near Sheridan’s.  

Using local resources:

  • Work with Sustainable Living at Ennisnag.
  • Liaise with Pat Phelan at Kings River re stone for walls projects.
  • Pat Fitzgerald supplying Free Compost.
  • Stoneyford Eng re Bridge Basket Stands.

DB 2nd April 2015.

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