Tidy Towns Bealtaine 2015

Dear All.

Please note that our May major ‘Litter Pick Day’ has been postponed to Saturday May 9th due to bank holiday weekend. In the meantime ordinary weekly Litter Picks by road/street/estate representatives should continue.

Many thanks.

Kind regards,



Donie Butler,

Chair Tidy Towns Committee.

Village ‘Black Spot’ Audit by TT    Committee Saturday 6th  December 2014
Main Street Attention/Work required Responsibility TTC Contact Status
Community Centre Gates Paint Seats Paint Tidy Towns POD/PL May
Merino Drive Rockery Layout & Plant Landscaping CR May
Lawcus Lane/New Line Jct Landscape Landscaping CR May
Garda Station Paintwork Powerhose Paint OPW DB In hand
Pump wall side Trees Ivy Tidy Towns POD/PL May
Pump Paint Planters Tidy Towns POD/PL May
KMS/Fuel Depot Roof Paint Paddy POD May
Old Shop Window Graphic Tidy Towns RM/GD May
Brackets on Elec Poles Remove Tidy Towns POD/PL May
Brennans Garage Entrance Paint Tidy Towns POD May
Chapel View LHS Ditch Clean up Tidy Towns POD May
Lawcus Fields Name Plate Project Tidy Towns JW/DB 2016
Brennans Galv Gate Paint Tidy Towns POD May
Walshe’s Shop Windows Paint Willie DB May
House beside shop Exterior Paint Paddy R Done Done
M & J O’Dwyer Gates Paint M & J POD May
Fence/Grass bank Clean up Plant POD POD May
Two vacant signs Paint TT Promo? POD POD May
Signage on front of KSM Review Reduce POD POD May
S/D West Wall Gable Paint Fred DB May
Stone House/Church ent Paint Joe S DB May
Stone House side gate Paint Joe Sheridan DB May
Single Storey Paint Val Lee ?? May
Two Storey Paint New occupier New Owner DB May
Norelands Junction Repair old wall Tidy Towns POD/PL May
Derelict old school Plywood Paint Cut back growth Anthony Holland POD/PL May
Garden   paving weeds Spray Fix IT POD/PL May
Dump at Norelands Rd Activated Monitor   KCC ES RM In hand
Sheridans Old School East Gable end Paint Donie S Done Done
Church entrance Railings/Gate Paint Tidy Towns Done Done
Kebabish Signage Review Replace Owners DB May
Stonecarthy Corner Trees & Field Clean up Tidy Towns DB May
Stonecarthy Corner Gate Paint Finnegans DB May
Finnegans Wall Finish to river Tidy Towns DB May
Bridge Hanging Bars Bars on Bridge Tidy Towns POD/PL May
Health Centre Block Wall Repair/Remove HSE/Fix It POD/PL May
Health Centre Walls Paint Paint HSE/Fix It POD/PL May
Health Centre Bedding Layout & Plant Landscaping CR May
Kells Rd Green Front Wall Freshenen up Powerhose Paint Landscaping CR May
Mena’s Wall Ivy Galvanise Paint Tidy Towns Done Done
Mena’s Wall Mena’s bed Freshen up Landscaping CR May
Hedgerows Various Rd’s Cut back Cut Off Date 28th Feb Done Completed
Ford River Pollution? Identify Source   KCC ES RM May
River Banks Clear Trees Overhanging Tidy Towns POD/PL April/May
Community Centre Sheltered/Secure Storage space required for pots, cones & barriers Tidy Towns POD/PL/CR May
Green denotes action by Tidy Towns ‘Fix It’ & Landscaping teams


No work to be carried out by committee members until owners permission is agreed
It should be noted that the preferred choice of paint for gates is Sheffield or British Racing Green


Most Urgent!


Dear All,

Following our Tidy Towns Action Meeting last night the following action plan emerged for our ‘Fix It’ & Landscaping Teams:


Priority focus would be on Landscaping & ‘Fix It-Painting’ groups.


TT Priority Projects:

  1. Raised walled Bed/Rockery at Merino Drive.
  2. Freshen up bed and kerbside at Mena’s wall.
  3. Landscape Lawcus Lane/New Line junction. Acquire permission of Christy O’Sullivan.
  4. Prepare Planters & Pots with shrubs/flowers. Night time frost still an issue.
  5. Enhance village entrance sign areas with floral displays.
  6. Street Name plate at Merino Drive.
  7. Restore wall at Norelands/Main St Junction.
  8. Finnegans Wall repair and erect Gate at stream/river.
  9. Grass Margin A. Brennan’s to village.
  10. Cut back overgrowth at River beside CC. Remove cut branches from river.
  11. Use pallets and paint to screen off outdoor storage area at CC.
  12. Wash down all road signage.
  13. Dwarf wall plastering and capping as well as painting at HSE Clinic. HSE have acknowledged.
  14. Painting of Garda Station. OPW have agreed.
  15. Painting of seats at Community Centre (CC) field.
  16. Pathway at former bedding area in front of CC.
  17. Paint entrance gates to CC.
  18. Paint Pump.
  19. Paint A Brennan’s gate and garage doors. AB to contribute to costs.
  20. Remove brackets and old bunting from Poles.
  21. Follow up dump at Norelands Rd.
  22. Follow up private waste bins at Stonecarthy Rd.
  23. Organise Tree/Branch Shredder for Saturday 16thMay.
  24. Organise large skip for POD’s Yard for electrical disposal. E.G. Washing machines, hoovers etc. etc.


Paschal, Paddy & Catherina to coordinate execution of above with ‘Landscaping Team’ & ‘Fix It’ teams with the support of the entire committee. It was noted that every day which passes would be precious from a time perspective to get close out on all of the above pre 31st May.


Full list of ‘fix it’ tasks to be addressed by Private/Business owners to follow. Regina to forward ideation list.


Meeting next Monday 11th at 8pm to follow up and monitor progress.


Kind regards,



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