S.D.A. (Stoneyford Development Association) A.G.M. 26th. March 2015


Stoneyford Development Association held its A.G.M. in the Community Hall on 26th, March 2015. The meeting was well attended and the mood was celebratory. If I may divide the history of Stoneyford Development Association into three phases, this A.G.M. was a celebration to mark the successful end of phase two.

Phase one was when the Association first came together with a dream. As times were tough and money was scarce the dream was to build, by voluntary labour, a Community Centre. It was hoped that this centre would be the focus of local activities such as dramas, visiting shows, musical events etc. In this they were highly successful.
Phase two was when the Association decided to modernise the Centre to make it more useful and relevant to the needs of the people in current times. In this they were very successful also. As well as a hall, theatre and gym there are meeting rooms, and office spaces. There is a floodlit running/walking track, children’s playground and outdoor gym equipment.

Phase three began at the March 26th 2015 A.G.M. Phase three has yet to be fully defined but one of the first considerations is to clear the debts accruing as a result of all the recent development.

The outgoing chairperson Mr. Joe Whyte opened the meeting by welcoming everyone present.He made a special reference to Mr. Seán Raggett, the chairperson who successfully steered phase one to a successful conclusion.He praised the outgoing Secretary Ms. Mary Fennelly for her sterling work throughout her period in office, and thanked Mr. Fred Malzard who was treasurer for this period. He also thanked the members of the committee for their support and hard work during his period in office.

Joe announced his desire to step down from the position of Chairperson as he felt it would be appropriate to welcome in new people with new ideas and new energy. The meeting felt that Joe, with all his experience, was too good to lose, and asked him to help steer the S.D.A. to the conclusion of the first stated aim of phase three i.e. clearing the debts. After much debate and persuasion Joe agreed to act as co-chairperson with Anthony Roche, who kindly agreed to share the load.

Conchubhar de Róiste was elected as Secretary and Regina Moran as assistant Secretary.

Fred Malzard was elected as Treasurer with Lisa O’Dwyer as Vice Treasurer.

Kathy Ryan was elected as Public Relations Officer.

It was noted that Slua Nua had taken office space in the Complex. Ms. Marie O’Dwyer, the Secretary to the Complex, was welcomed.

Elected Officers and Committee S.D.A. 2015


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