Spring Cleaning

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Why is it when it comes to Spring cleaning

That my hubby and I can’t agree

On things that should go in the dustbin

Or what an antique might be.


Right now we are cleaning the garage

And very soon there’s a pile

Of various bits and pieces

That have cluttered the place for a while.


There’s that old battered log basket

Now says he “You’ve no need for that”

But I put it back in the corner

“Sure it might do a bed for the cat.”


This box of odd cups and saucers

Now my mind seems to run overtime

I can see them being hailed at an auction

And claimed as a great antique find.


An old moth-eaten felt hat,

Sits balanced on top of the pile

Now I can remember with fondness

When it was worn with great style.


There are various one legged soldiers

And a small toy tractor and plough

Ah! Many’s the time they gave pleasure

It seems cruel to abandon them now.


Then hubby looks up in frustration

And says he “It’s quite plain to see

If I keep standing here any longer

An antique myself I will be”

by Angela Hayes

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