Defibrillation course for SARG 2015


BabycareOn Saturday 8 Márta 2015, seven members of Stoneyford Active retirement completed a course in the use of the village defibrillator and CPR. The course was delivered in a relaxed and friendly manner by Ms. Úna Stapleton, ably aided and abetted by Pat O’Carroll of First Aid Assist.

The course while entertaining and fun was also highly informative, over the duration of the course everyone got hands on experience in delivering both CPR and defibrillation and the importance and seriousness of the matter in hand was always to the fore. Úna and Pat had all the equipment required to deliver the course and at the end everyone felt not only enlightened but also enabled.

It is hoped that there will be further groups trained in the future so that in the event someone requires help it will be forthcoming almost immediately.

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