American Tea Party 2015

There was an old street rhyme that went as follows;

                                                Will you come to my party?

                                                Will you come!

                                               Bring your own bread

                                               and butter and a bun.

How it went after that I can’t remember.

Tble_4596Recently I received an invitation that I found very puzzling, I was invited to an American Tea Party. As I am aware of only one American living in the area my curiosity was aroused so some research was required.

With Google at hand it did not take long to ascertain that an American Tea party is a party to which you bring your own food, drink and good humour. Not only do you bring your own food and drink, you have to pay for the pleasure. It is in fact a well-known fundraising method.

This fundraiser was for Scoil Chiaráin Naofa and Stoneyford Development Association, both extremely worthy causes. The party was a huge social success as most adults in the area attended. Each Townland, Housing Estate, and Social or Sporting group was invited to put a table together for the occasion. In preparation for the event some members from each group decorated the table allotted to them and the end result was splendid and a joy to behold. Needless to say a good-natured competition arose as groups vied with each other to have the best-dressed table. When it came to food it was up to each table to organise what was brought and again the competition to see who would have the most exotic fare was intense but good natured. The event was so well attended that there was just enough space in the hall to accommodate everyone comfortably.

The evening was rounded off with an auction of goods donated by local people and businesses. The auction was handled with aplomb and good humour by Fred Malzard ably assisted by Bob Moore. They were very successful in painlessly extracting money from the willing audience. It was a most enjoyable evening and we look forward to next years American Tea Party with anticipation.

Will you come to my party?

Will you come?


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