Is the “Fit Club” for you?

Time: 8.15 P.M. to 9.15 P.M. every Wednesday.


Where: Stoneyford Community Hall.


Ideally the “Fit Club” is aimed at adults from the age of 40 years of age and older. Of course it is not an ageist group and any adult who feels that  our activities may be of benefit is welcome to come along.


If you feel that you would like to recover the fitness of your youth but feel that you are not ready or perhaps not able to join one of the many fitness groups aimed at a younger age profile, well, feel welcome to come along and give it a try.


If you feel you are so unfit that you are beyond redemption, “Fit Club” is definitely for you as Séamus will tailor a fitness regime especially for you. You can take part in a group activity and at the same time do individual exercises.


Each session costs €6. There is no obligation to take out membership, just come whenever it suits you.


Insurance: There is a once off cost of €10 to cover each member. This covers “Fit Club” activities for the entire year 2015.


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