Kildare Village In the Rain

On Wednesday 19 November 2014 a group of intrepid Members of SARG defied the weather conditions and took the 11.25 train from Thomastown Station to Kildare. The trip was most enjoyable and the company excellent. As planned we were collected at Kildare Station by the courtesy bus from Kildare Village. and after a short but pleasant trip we arrived at our destination. The rain was incessant and this more or less restricted our enjoyment of the experience. We had a nice lunch in what appears to be the only restaurant in the Village, be warned the restaurant serves Italian Cuisine only, if that is not to your taste bring sandwiches. As for the shops, well one was the same as the next, all image not a great amount of bargains. Would I recommend a trip to the village? The answer is definitely, if you have nothing else on, otherwise give it a wide berth.

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