Digital Switchover 2012 (SAORVIEW)

Digital Television – Don’t get Left Behind!

Your television may not receive a signal after 24th October, when the old network is turned off. It’s easy to check whether you need to do something.

If you get your TV through a Pay-TV provider over satellite or cable (e.g. Sky or UPC), you’re ok!

If you get your TV through an aerial, you need to do one of the following:

1. Get SAORVIEW: Either get a SAORVIEW-approved set-top box, one-off cost of about €70+, or get a SAORVIEW-approved new TV, one-off cost of about €130+ for a small TV. You can install it yourself, or get a friend or TV installer to help. You still need your aerial: very few people need to get a new one. In some cases the aerial may need to be pointed in the right direction. If so get a local TV installer to do this work. 

2. Get Pay-TV with a monthly bill (approximately €25 per month) from a provider such as Sky, UPC, etc. They install.

If you know someone who you think could do with some help, please,

Ask them if they’ve made the switch, and if not sit down with them and give them this basic information.

Ask them if they would like some further help. Don’t delay – you can switch over NOW.

A ‘Digital Outreach Champion’, working in the Stoneyford area is coordinating efforts in your county:

Contact details :  Michael Collins 086 8229979

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